Editorial ecosystem

Build an editorial strategy based on the brand’s proximity to its target audiences.


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Since 2018


  • Overhaul of the brand’s editorial ecosystem:
    • Magazine print
    • Newsletters
    • Social media
    • 2021 company brochure
  • Brand content:
    • Podcasts
    • Videos
    • Infographics
    • Articles
    • Prevention forms
    • Editorial SEO
    • Corporate space of gmf.fr


The challenge

How to rethink customer/corporate communications to ensure consistency across all PR messages?



Respond to the increasing digitalization of GMF’s customer practices in keeping with the rebranding of GMF and its commitments:

  • The company’s “Assurément Humain” (Assuredly human) tagline
  • Its position as the 1st insurer of public sector employees
  • A brand that places Corporate Social Responsibility at the very heart of its actions and no longer wishes to continue distributing a printed magazine to its members


Our solution

Plan of attack

Build an editorial strategy based on the brand’s proximity to its target audiences (prospects and customers).

Three main objectives:

  1. Simplify: reorganize the information and points of contact
  2. Add value: the human factor, public sector employees, and GMF’s commitments
  3. Demonstrate: the company values, insurance solutions, and CSR actions

Modus operandi

Create the editorial brand and all its attributes: “Ma Vie Assurément” (My Life Assured)

Overhaul existing media (GMF & You magazines and special issues, member newsletters, brand content, and corporate communications)

Accelerate the transition to a fully digital editorial ecosystem.

Staying on Brand and on message

Ma Vie Assurément met a dual objective:

  • Relating semantically to GMF’s tagline
  • Embodying GMF’s customer-centric vision and its proximity to public sector employees.

That little bit extra
that made all
the difference!

Working on brand content according to member practices and expectations: themes, topics, treatment, formats.

Reducing the number of touchpoints overall to improve the customer experience: withdrawal of the GMF & You magazine and halving the number of newsletters from 8 to 4 a year to avoid overloading members with content; migration of editorial content to the website to align editorial more closely with the business.


Feedback and results

Key figures for the period January 2022 to January 2023 (7 newsletters):
Average open rate
2.66 to 4.09%
Click-through rate

85.38%. Response rate to a survey addressed to a test target of 228,478 members in January 2023.

73% confirmed that they were very satisfied with the Ma Vie Assurément newsletters.

85.48% gave a score of 3/5 to 5/5 for the information provided, that they cannot find elsewhere (exclusive content).

Want to see more?

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What with the climate crisis, the pandemic, galloping inflation, war on Europe’s doorstep, debt and the Big Quit, there could be many legitimate reasons for succumbing to the collective pessimism. And yet…

In a world in flux, where our clients, our partners and our (future) talents are more than ever on a quest for meaning, and where communication is all too often seen as useless and unnecessary, we have decided to instead embrace optimism with this new name and this new logo: ENJOY.

ENJOY is an obsession. That of putting the magic and joy back into our line of work. And of doing it (we hope, a bit) differently. Because we like to boost our clients’ and talents’ endorphins with bold, effective brand strategies that extend beyond content. And because we want to let the world know about it.

ENJOY is a mindset. That of a benevolent, critical rationalism, a pertinent impertinence, that leads you off the beaten track to explore new playing fields. And to enjoy doing so, with our clients and partners, to constantly whet our appetite for knowledge and our creativity.

ENJOY is a modus operandi. With listening to our clients as the sole constant. To guide and support them with various content issues of which they may even have been totally unaware. Recommendation is our hallmark.

ENJOY is a commitment. A commitment to restoring the taste for a responsible ROI. Because content can serve companies’ performance and promote communication that is virtuous for the planet.

Yes, it is time we reconsidered our relationship to business.
Thought in terms of ecosystems. Long-term. Sustainability. At ENJOY, we know we can be a game changer, or try to make even a modest contribution, at our (modest) level.

So why don’t we all take a stand against the prevailing doom and gloom?

Founder & CEO