Recruitment campaign

Showcasing Keolis employees in their (industrial) working environment, by magnifying it.


Recruitment Human resources Employer brand Social Media Digital campaign Photoshoot International Awareness Brand image






  • Campaign design and creation:
    • Casting of employees for the campaign
    • On-site photoshoots
    • Key visual
    • Design of different poster versions (English and French)
    • Social media kits (English and French)
  • Media campaigns:
    • Advertising campaign (June)
    • Recruitment campaign (September)


The challenge

How to help Keolis make their driver and maintenance jobs more attractive?



Like all public transport operators in France and worldwide, Keolis is contending with a lack of job attractiveness as perceived by candidates on the one hand, and with an “industrious” image of these professions on the other.

This is despite a large and constant number of job vacancy postings every year.


Our solution

Plan of attack

Showcasing Keolis employees in their (industrial) working environment, by magnifying it.

Modus operandi

Casting from employees based all over France to select representatives from each profession: maintenance operators, drivers, operations managers.

On-site photoshoots with 17 employees in Lyon, Orly, and Bordeaux.

Creation of the visual identity for the campaign and design/copywriting of all media: 12 visuals and corresponding versions according to the formats and campaigns (posters, buses, press releases, banner kit, social media kit, IAB, Facebook feeds).

Advertising campaign (press, digital, social media) to boost target coverage and message repetition.

Recruitment campaign (full digital and social media) to generate applications with targeted data.

Staying on Brand and on message

Design/copywriting of campaign posters conveying Keolis’s corporate purpose: “We enhance everyday life in cities and communities by imagining and operating safe, smart and sustainable mobility solutions accessible to each and everyone.”

That little bit extra
that made all
the difference!

Showcasing the daily lives of each of the employees from their own perspective.


Feedback and results

A month-long press campaign with one visual per week on the front page of Figaro Économie.

Media campaign:

7.7+ million
2.4 million
unique visitors reached
CTR of 1.58%
on Facebook, which is double the market average

Whant to see what it looks like?

The campaign has ended, so please contact us to see all the visuals and the digital and press campaigns!


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